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“We’re a group of ‘paleo nuts’ who grew frustrated at the lack of ‘real food’ yet convenient paleo protein powder products. It amazed us how even the more ‘hardcore paleo’ of our friends would use ‘whey-based’ protein powders or protein powders that claimed to be paleo protein powders but were full of nasty things and has a long list of ingredients.

Each of us at PaleoPro were committed to making a quality product for various reasons – dietary restrictions, CrossFit addictions, lifestyle choices – but it all boiled down to a desire to know exactly what we were putting in our bodies. We wanted to make a product that we would actually use and feel good about using. But it wasn’t easy, we had a long list of requirements:”

  • No soy.
  • No whey, dairy products, or lactose.
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • No preservatives.
  • No artifical ingredients.
  • No gluten, grains or wheat products.
  • No harmful or chemical processing.

Oh, and it had to be high in easily digestible protein, easy on the stomach, and taste amazing. Sound difficult? It was! However, the concept is pretty simple….we start with high quality ingredients like eggs from humanely raised chickens and naturally raised USDA lean beef. Then, we mix each ingredient separately with water and spray the broth through a high pressure nozzle in a heat tunnel. The nozzle vaporizes the mixture into droplets which are instantly dried into little powder particles!

The best part of using this production method is that we don’t have to put any of those bad things we listed above into our products…it’s basically just air-dried real food! Even our flavored versions stay true to our mission, adding only natural products like dutch cocoa and the natural sweetener stevia. We hope you enjoy the effort and quality that goes into every one of our products as much as we do!

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Why do these ingredients make such a great paleo protein powder?

dried whole egg protein in our paleo protein powder

Whole Egg Protein

Whole Egg Protein provides an excellent combination and profile of amino acids as well as a high level of sulfur which is essential to various hormonal pathways within the body. This increased production of anabolic hormones and increased calories leads to increased muscle mass.
dried egg white in our paleo protein powder

egg white Protein

Egg White Protein is made by removing the yolk and then converting the egg white product in powdered form. The result is a protein with less fat and calories than Whole Egg Protein. Egg White protein gauges very high on the protein efficiency rating scale (P.E.R) with a 3.9 out of 4.0
dried lean beef in our paleo protein powder

beef protein isolate

Beef Protein Isolate contains a protein and amino acid content that even rivals most whey protein isolates! Our Beef Protein Isolate has been produced by boiling down beef flesh, skimming the fat, drying the remaining aminos, and then spray-drying them for easy mixibility.

We are committed to making products tailored for the ‘paleo’ lifestyle using only the highest quality ingredients available. If you have experienced our products already, than you know we mean it, and if you are simply curious, we invite you to discover it for yourself!

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