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GROUP BASED crossfit

Core Strength & Conditioning program designed expose participants to a very broad and inclusive fitness protocol. Strength training, weightlifting, conditioning, gymnastics, kettlebell and many other disciplines are combined in a constantly varied high intensity protocol which focuses on promoting increased work capacity through functional movement.


Developing strong lean muscle that keeps your body healthy, restores function, decreases injury risk, and improves body composition. Using a moderate intensity circuit format we will give you everything your body needs.
Cardio (Bikes and Rowers)

group based student crossfit

Ages 8-17 – program designed to introduce the fundamentals of fitness to a all ages. This class will expose participants to the same very broad and inclusive fitness protocol as our CrossFit classes with some age-appropriate adjustments.


Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness. Learning how to eat to fuel your body properly is the single most important skill an athlete can learn. Once you learn how to eat in a structured way that balances food quality and quantity you will see drastic improvements in your body composition and performance.

ONE-ON-ONE personal training

Address specific training goals or needs with a coach dedicated just to you. Personal training is a great option for everything from getting in shape to learning or refining a skill or sport specific training.

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