We’re letting our ingredients
do the talking.

“You love us for what’s inside. So we decided to be upfront about it. First things first, our exclusive, powerful core ingredients: egg whites, fruits and nuts. Our 100% natural flavors. And our one-of-a-kind promise: No B.S. Loud and clear.”

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Do RXBARs contain gluten?


Do RXBARs contain soy?


Do RXBARs contain dairy?


Is the product Kosher certified?

Our bars have all the characteristics required to be Kosher certified but we haven’t paid for the certification yet. We will during our next batch and then we can say “Yes!” without qualifying our answer!

Where can I find your nutritional facts?

All of our product pages contain the nutritional facts. Just click the nutritional image when you get to the page.

Can I eat this during my Whole30?

Our Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Coffee Cacao and Coconut Cacao are Whole30 and Paleo compliant (but should not serve as a desert replacement or sugar craving quencher!).

Are RXBARs Whole30 Approved?

All of the ingredients in our bars (excluding Peanut Butter) are Whole30 compliant and they are allowed during a Whole30.

A big part of a Whole30 is understanding the psychological relationship you have with food and the Whole30 Team don’t want people to eat the bars to quench a sugar craving or replace dessert during the Whole30 which is why they don’t promote them as a Whole30 Approved product.

What does Melissa say about RXBARs during the Whole30?

“As on-the-go or emergency food? Yes. As a replacement for your mid-day sugar boost, daily late-night treat, or to satisfy your Day 3 raging Sugar Dragon? Although it’s not a Whole30 rule, we’d strongly suggest no.”

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